Comunicado de prensa- Estudio acerca de la prevalencia del GTP

Un gran número de jugadores reportó haber experimentado imágenes, sonidos y sensaciones después de jugar video juegos  Casi todos los encuestados que respondieron el cuestionario de Fenómenos de transferencia del juego o su nombre en inglés Game Transfer Phenomena (GTP) reportaron haber experimentado alguna experiencia, ya sea imágenes, sonidos o […]

The Game Transfer Phenomena Scale

Abstract A variety of instruments have been developed to assess different dimensions of playing video games and its effects on cognitions, affect, and behaviors. The present study examined the psychometric properties of the Game Transfer Phenomena Scale (GTPS) that assesses nonvolitional phenomena experienced after playing video games (i.e., altered perceptions, […]

Game Transfer Phenomena and its associated factors: Online survey

Abstract Previous qualitative and quantitative studies examining Game Transfer Phenomena (GTP) have demonstrated that GTP experiences are common. These studies have shown that many gamers report altered perceptions, involuntary thoughts and behaviors after playing video games (e.g., pseudo-hallucinatory experiences, automatic motor activations, etc.). However, the factors associated with GTP are […]

New Study published- Altered auditory perception in Game Transfer Phenomena

Abstract This study investigated gamers’ auditory experiences as after effects of playing. This was done by classifying, quantifying, and analysing 192 experiences from 155 gamers collected from online videogame forums. The gamers’ experiences were classified as: (i) involuntary auditory imagery (e.g., hearing the music, sounds or voices from the game), […]

Summary of the automatic mental processes & behaviours GTP study

“Video games have become a matter of emotional touch, evoking not just sensations but lasting emotive imprints, which hold for the gamer many of the same characteristics as memorable real life experiences”. I wrote this in 2007, back then I would not imagine that my research years later would echo […]

Nuevo estudio – Pensamientos y comportamientos en GTP (Spanish version)

El nuevo estudio del Game Transfer Phenomena demuestra como los pensamientos y el comportamiento son influidos por jugar video juegos. Algunos jugadores han experimentado pensamientos intrusivos, y respondido a objetos y eventos después de jugar de la misma manera que lo hacen en el juego. Esto incluyo reacciones exageradas, evitar […]

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