“Video games have become a matter of emotional touch, evoking not just sensations but lasting emotive imprints, which hold for the gamer many of the same characteristics as memorable real life experiences”.

I wrote this in 2007, back then I would not imagine that my research years later would echo my own words. “evoking not just sensations but lasting emotive imprints”.

The latest GTP study focusing on automatic thoughts and behaviours shows how real life objects and events simulated in the game triggered similar responses as the ones experienced in the game. Video game elements have become “evocative objects” that elicit thoughts, emotions, sensations and involuntary actions.

This study was published in the International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction in co-authorship with my supervisor Professor Mark Griffiths.

I made this presentation as an overview of the main categories and examples found in this study.

This time the journal article is not free to access. If you cannot access the journal, and you want the full study; do not hesitate to contact me.


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