Game transfer Phenomena after playing Pokémon video games

“When playing Pokémon, I would suddenly run into long grass hoping to find some rare animals there” Game Transfer Phenomena (GTP) have been reported in over 400 unique titles. These include both old and modern video games. I think we will hear GTP experiences from gamers playing Pokémon GO as […]

Pokémon GO is reviving old memories and creating new ones

On the way to a dinner, my boyfriend and I decided to catch some Pokémon. After a couple of encounters, we felt we needed to catch them all on our way to the restaurant. Suddenly, some of our old basic primal instincts as hunters and collectors have been brought back […]

Game Transfer Phenomena in an episode of CSI: Cyber

I was surprised to see that my research on Game Transfer Phenomena was featured in an episode of CSI: Cyber. In episode 11 (season 1) ‘Ghost in the machine’.  As a dear friend expressed to me “science fiction often act as a metaphorical mirror of our collective perspective toward technology […]

GTP Adventures- Grilling zombies

Gamers have found themselves paying attention to particular stimuli relevant in the game. This has triggered subsequent thoughts and some have communicated their thoughts to others. Some gamers have expressed feeling awkward due to these experiences and questioned their own mental stability. These experiences appear to be explained by attention […]

GTP Adventures – Your steps are limited

Have you found yourself automatically applying the logic of the game in real life? This has happened to some gamers. This type of experience appears to have occurred typically in relation with repetitive activities in the game. For example turn based games where you need to count steps and wait […]

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