Book chapter: Game Transfer Phenomena in Location-Based Augmented Reality Games

Notions of exploring and living the events, being “inside” the digital images and participating in simulations, date back to 1997 when TV viewing was compared with the use of Internet (Sánchez 1997). The technological advances of Virtual Reality (VR) headsets and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies are progressively enabling us to […]

Curiosity Daily podcast featuring Game Transfer Phenomena

My interview on Game Transfer Phenomena in the Curiosity daily podcast  with the enthusiastic Cody Gough and Ashley Hamer!  They make a great team. Follow this link to participate in our ongoing study mentioned in the program.

A collection of Game Transfer Phenomena research projects

Game Transfer Phenomena (GTP), an emerging field of research to understand the effects of video game playing beyond paradigms on controversial game content or Gaming Disorder, started with the following questions: How do video games influence the perception of the world? How do gamers integrate game content into their everyday […]

Event of young talents – Media effects & more

I recently visited the American School in Paris for a psychology event. Sonata Sardinha, Learning Specialist and Psychologist and Christopher Friendly, Psychology and History Teacher did an amazing job organising the event and helping the students to consolidate their projects. The energy of the students and the staff was contagious, […]

new web experiment

Most gamers (82-97%) have heard/seen game content post-play.

Contribute to understanding the underlying mechanisms, to inform & demystify Game Transfer Phenomena