Game Transfer Phenomena and its associated factors: Online survey

Abstract Previous qualitative and quantitative studies examining Game Transfer Phenomena (GTP) have demonstrated that GTP experiences are common. These studies have shown that many gamers report altered perceptions, involuntary thoughts and behaviors after playing video games (e.g., pseudo-hallucinatory experiences, automatic motor activations, etc.). However, the factors associated with GTP are […]

Game Transfer Phenomena in an episode of CSI: Cyber

I was surprised to see that Game Transfer Phenomena were featured in an episode of CSI: Cyber. In episode 11 (season 1) ‘Ghost in the machine’ Game Transfer Phenomena were more than mentioned. As a dear friend expressed to me “science fiction often act as metaphorical mirror of our collective perspective toward technology (-for […]

GTP Adventures – Undead neighbors!

When real life situations resemble certain elements or situations of the game context some gamers have suddenly experienced thoughts where they expect that something would happen as in the game. Click here to visit the collection of GTP adventures. Here you can watch a video related to this experience.

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