GTP Adventures- Movement after movement

Click here to visit the collection of GTP adventures. Different gamers have repeatedly reported perceiving things ”levitating”, ”moving” or ”melting” when they look away from the screen (to a stationary point) while or after playing mainly music/dance games such as Guitar Hero or Rock Band. These experiences are explained by […]

GTP Adventures- Grilling zombies

Gamers have found themselves paying attention to particular stimuli relevant in the game. This has triggered subsequent thoughts and some have communicated their thoughts to others. Some gamers have expressed feeling awkward due to these experiences and questioned their own mental stability. These experiences appear to be explained by attention […]

GTP Adventures – Your steps are limited

Have you found yourself automatically applying the logic of the game in real life? This has happened to some gamers. This type of experience appears to have occurred typically in relation with repetitive activities in the game. For example turn based games where you need to count steps and wait […]

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