We presented our symposium “The Relevance of Game Transfer Phenomena in the context of Gaming Disorder” at the International Conference on Behavioral Addictions (ICBA) on 22 June 2022, hosted by Nottingham Trent University.

The conference was an excellent opportunity to share some of the work we have been doing on GTP. The five presentations highlighted the importance of considering GTP when assessing gaming disorder in research and clinical practice.

Thanks to my panellists, my PhD student Julio Llamas Alonso from who I’m very proud, Dr Anderzej Cudo, Dr Emilia Zabielska-Mendyk, and LMFT Alex Basche for making this symposium possible!

During the symposium, I thank those who have supported my research and contributed to the study of GTP.

  • Professor Mark D. Griffiths (UK)
  • Professor Karin Aronsson (Sweden)
  • Professor Frank Larøi (Belgium)
  • Professor Lia Kvavilashvili (UK)
  • Professor Barbara Wasson (Norway)
  • Professor George Georgiou (UK)
  • Professor Åge Diseth (Norway)
  • Dr Halley Pontes (UK)
  • Dr Muhterem Dindar (Finland)
  • Dr Maria Panagiotidi (UK)
  • Julio Llamas Alonso (UK)
  • LMFT Alex Basche (USA)
  • Professor Jayne Gackenbach (Canada)
  • Dr Emma Palmer-Cooper (UK)
  • Dr Andrzej Cudo (Poland)
  • Natalia Kopiś-Posiej (Poland)
  • Kateryna Shchehelska (Poland)
  • Dr Emilia Zabielska-Mendyk (Poland)
  • Derek A. Laffan (UK)
  • Amanda Jones-Rincón (USA)
  • Jan Patrick Gutierrez (Philippines)
  • Dr Cynthia Sifonis (USA)
  • Cody Trewin (Canada)
  • Dr Homer Yabut (Philippines)
  • Dr Chaoguang Wang (China)

The conference location was significant for me since I graduated from Nottingham Trent University with my PhD thesis, “Exploring Game Transfer Phenomena: A multimodal research approach for investigating”. At NTU, I also published the first studies on GTP with my PhD supervisor, Professor Mark D. Griffiths.

The conference was an excellent opportunity to revive memories with my former supervisor, my PhD colleagues and friends, Professor Daria Kuss and Dr Halley Pontes, and other dear friends, Dr Olatz Lopez-Fernandez, Dr Orsolya Király, Dr Melina Throuvala, Dr Filipa Caldo. It was meaningful that most of them were present at the GTP symposium and to hear the congratulations from Daria and Olatz during my presentation.

The titles of the presentations in the GTP symposium were:

  • Predictors of Gaming Disorder and Game Transfer Phenomena: Psychopathological factors and gaming habits.
  • Positive schizotypy and internet gaming addiction as predictors of Game Transfer Phenomena in daily life: A diary study.
  • Relationship between self-control dimensions, emotional regulation and problematic gaming: the mediating role of the Game Transfer Phenomena.
  • Game Transfer Phenomena as a mediator between motives for gaming, game features and problematic videogame playing.
  • Proposed Methodology for Assessing Game Transfer Phenomena in Clinical Contexts.