Game Transfer Phenomena (GTP), an emerging field of research to understand the effects of video game playing beyond paradigms on controversial game content or Gaming Disorder, started with the following questions:

How do video games influence the perception of the world?

How do gamers integrate game content into their everyday lives?

These questions were the base for my master thesis, which was consolidated in the first publication on GTP in 2011.

Research on GTP focuses on examining intrusions and/or transient changes in sensory perception, cognition and behaviours in direct relationship with video games’ structural characteristics (e.g., game features), experiences during playing (e.g., immersion, embodiment), and the use of game-related hardware (e.g., gamepads), and in understanding the subsequent impact of GTP.

Via the GTP framework, it is possible to operationalise sensory, perceptual, cognitive and behavioural phenomena derived from the interactions with virtual content, as well as, to understand involuntary phenomena that range from normal everyday phenomena to symptoms of pathology that can cause distress and dysfunction.

Eight years have passed since I published my first paper on Game Transfer Phenomena. I am proud to be able to share a collection of ongoing and concluded research projects on GTP.

I want to take the chance to thank all of you that have supported my efforts to understand GTP and those that have even taken the initiative to start your own projects on GTP. I hope that together, we can create new knowledge and practical solutions to obtain benefits and to reduce and prevent potential risks associated with immersive interactive technologies.

The collection of GTP related research projects employ different methodologies (e.g., interviews, surveys, secondary data analysis, web experiments, laboratory experiments); some projects focus  on specific populations (e.g., esports gamers, Turkish, Americans, Canadians, Italians, and Filipinos.) while other focus on specific games (Augmented Reality games such as Pokémon Go and Ingress). Related factors examined in the context of Game Transfer Phenomena include dreams, executive functions, immersion, flow, sensory realism, psychopathological factors, aggression, gambling, gaming habits, motivations for playing, Gaming Disorder and problematic smartphone use.

Learn about the research projects on GTP.

If you have a project related to GTP and would like to be part of the collection, please send me an email.