Another stage of research about Game Transfer Phenomena is done. My postdoc funded by the European Union (Marie Curie COFUND) and the University of Liège, with my mentor Professor Frank Larøi has come to an end.

Thanks to all that opened your spaces for me to visit, to discuss my research with you and brainstorm new ideas. You enlightened me with your good energy, warm welcome, insigths, and willingness to collaborate on research into GTP.

Special thanks to:
Professor Abou Farman (The New School, New York)
Professor Alan Kingstone (Brain, Attention & Reality (BAR) Lab, University of British Columbia, Vancouver)
Professor Barbara Wasson (SLATE, University of Bergen, Bergen)
Professor Charles Fernyhough and Dr Ben Alderson-Day (Hearing the Voice, Durham University, Durham)
Professor Frank Larøi (University of Liège, Liège)
Professor Philip Corlett (BLAM Lab, Yale School of Medicine, New Haven)
Professor Justin T. Baker (McLean Hospital / Harvard Medical School, Boston)
Professor Kenneth Hugdahl (BMP, University of Bergen, Bergen)
Professor Robert Stickgold (Center for Sleep and Cognition, Harvard Medical School, Boston)

These two years passed in the blink of an eye. It feels like I didn’t even had time to breath! A lot of data are collected in databases, impatiently waiting to be shared…

For the first time in seven years since I started researching about GTP, I’m taking time to decide what course my core activity will take.

Below is a summary of presentations and colleagues I have had the luck to meet during my postdoc. Regretfully I didn’t preserve all moments with a camera, hence many admired and respected people and wonderful moments are missing.