A new depiction of GTP in a fictional story! In 2016 GTP inspired an episode of the TV crime-drama series CSI: Cyber. This time it is in the Sci-fi book Planet-Alt-Sete-Nine”.

What happens when a video game begins to take on a life of its own? Is it the program’s ground breaking artificial intelligence or something more sinister? Master game designer Jake must race against time to solve the riddle of Alt-Sete-Nine before loosing his girlfriend Haylee to the revolutionary video game” wrote BJ Neblett in his book inspired by research on Game Transfer Phenomena.

“It was just yesterday. I came home from work late. She’d been playing for some twenty-four hours straight and hadn’t slept. Haylee didn’t recognize me at first. She just kept screaming about the mutants on the screen.” Jake’s breath caught in his throat at the significance of his own words. “That’s just what you said, Doctor; about the GPS thing.” “GTP,” Cochran said patiently, “Game Transfer Phenomena…”

I have just started reading it. I will give you my full insights when I’m done.

I hope the author can give me a dedicated copy.

Have you read it? Please share your comments.


Check out BJ Neblett’s blog post “Infinite Internet: We Are All Connected” to find out how GTP happened to appear in his book “Planet Alt-Sete-Nine” and find out more about his creative work.

I’m waiting for my hard copy so I can read it and tell you more about the story.


2 thoughts on “Game Transfer Phenomena in a Sci-fi book

  1. Glad you found my new book so intriguing. I hope I did GTP justice! Perhaps a little consultation is in order as I work on book two: Planet Alt-Sete-Nine: Princess Haylee, due out early 2019.
    And yes, I’d be glad to send you a signed copy. Just drop me an email at: [email protected]
    Good luck on your continuing research. I look forward to reading your findings!
    BJ Neblett, author Planet Alt-Sete-Nine series.

  2. Thanks for the kind words and mention! I look forward to reading more of your work as I prepare book two, Planet Alt-Sete-Nine: Princess Haylee. Just tell me where to send your signed copy!
    BJ Neblett
    author: Planet Alt-Sete-Nine

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