Article about GTP in

Here is an article about GTP especially for my Dutch friends. “Hoe games onze hersenen beïnvloeden” written by Bas Bastiaans at Het effect van games beperkt zich niet alleen tot de huiskamer, de slaapkamer of de wc. Het kan ons hele leven beïnvloeden: onze perceptie, onze dromen en zelfs ons […]

Press release: Qualitative study on altered visual perceptions

Here you can read the press release we put out about the latest study. “Study shows how video gamers experience altered visual perceptions after playing” Some video gamers experience altered visual perceptions after playing, new research has shown. The study, published in the International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, has been […]

Reflections inspired by the GTP news

The first GTP study has awakened some thoughts. Different interpretations and reactions have come to light. Some articles about the study are positive, other are negative and alarmist. Some of my favourites articles include: “Consensus hallucinations” by Sally Adee. “Wishing games could indeed warp reality” by Jason Hill, “Fantasy and […]

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