What is the study about?

This survey is part of a series of studies to understand people’s responses to the exposure to digital media to inform and demystify Game Transfer Phenomena (GTP).

The coronavirus outbreak has imposed new rules on people’s lives. A large number of the world’s population is currently limited to environmental stimuli, social contact and physical movement while being highly exposed to media content.

Main research questions

• What is the relationship between experiencing GTP, thoughts and sensory intrusions and isolation?
• What is the relationship between GTP, disruption of unwanted thoughts and cravings to engage in activities simulated in the game?

Imagery training is commonly used amongst elite sports players to improve performance; hence

• What is the relationship between experiencing GTP and key performance factors of sports video games and sports?

Who can participate in the study? 
• 18 years old or older
• Currently living under lockdown/semi-lockdown, voluntarily or imposed by government rules and regulations
• Currently playing sport video games or simulation video games.

What are the benefits of your participation? 

• You can win one of three £20 Amazon Gift Card or a signed copy of the sci-fi book “Planet Alt-Sete-Nine: The Lost Princess” By B.J Neblett about video games and GTP.
• You will mainly contribute to understanding if GTP can contribute to player proficiency, to dampen unwanted intrusions and to understand GTP under exceptional circumstances.