Today news about Game Transfer Phenomena has gone around the Internet. Some of the news has tried to stigmatize video games. The GTP project explores video games’ effects without pathologizing the video game players, instead it tries to understand why, and how the GTP can occur to some players and who can be more prone to experience GTP. Studying GTP can help us understand how the mind works. The project does not focus on “gaming addiction” neither “violent video games” but certainly players who have experienced Game Transfer Phenomena have reported playing intensively and yes, violent and aggressive contents have been found among the players’ experiences.  The GTP studies are in their infancy and we have more questions than answers. We don’t know yet how common the GTP is, neither the psychological or cognitive implications. The goal of my studies has always been maximizing the psychological and social benefits of interactive media technologies while reducing the risks or dangers it can present to some individuals.