Video game playing is a popular activity and its enjoyment among frequent players has been associated with absorption and immersion experiences. This paper examines how immersion in the video game environment can influence the player during the game and afterwards (including fantasies, thoughts, and actions). This is what we describe as Game Transfer Phenomena (GTP). GTP occurs when video game elements are associated with real life elements triggering subsequent thoughts, sensations and/or player actions. To investigate this further, a total of 42 frequent video game players aged between 15 and 21 years old were interviewed. Thematic analysis showed that many players experienced GTP, where players appeared to integrate elements of video game playing into their real lives. These GTP were then classified as either intentional or automatic experiences. Results also showed that players used video games for interacting with others as a form of amusement, modeling or mimicking video game content, and daydreaming about video games. Furthermore, the findings demonstrate how video games sometimes triggered intrusive thoughts, sensations, impulses, reflexes, optical illusions, and dissociations.
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I. Automatic Game Transfer Phenomenon

  • Altered perceptions GTP (e.g visual, auditory)
  • Automatic mental process
  • Automatic actions & behaviours

II. Intentional Game Transfer Phenomenon

  • Using video games as interacting medium or tools
  • Modeling game characters and game events
  • Daydreams about video games
  • Comments about video games

III. Conclusions


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  1. Hi,
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    I have to refer my sources which means I have to write a date when this article is published.
    Can you tell me when you published your article?
    It will as well be nice if you can tell me which sources you have used.

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    1. Hi Silke,
      The reference of the published article is
      Ortiz de Gortari, A. B., Aronsson, K., & Griffiths, M. D. (2011). Game Transfer Phenomena in video game playing: A qualitative interview study. International Journal of Cyber Behavior, Psychology and Learning 1(3), 15-33.

      If you send me an email to angelica [at] gametransferphenomena.com I can send you a copy of the articles about GTP published to date.

      Best luck with your assignment!

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