The aim of the Game Transfer Phenomena (GTP) project is to understand how playing video games influence gamers’ sensorial perceptions, cognitions and behaviours, and to understand non-volitional phenomena relevant for different scientific disciplines.

The goal of the project is to demystify, explain and raise awareness about gamers’ experiences. This is done to encourage healthy and safe video game playing, and maximise the psychological and social benefits of interactive virtual technologies while reducing the risks or dangers it can present to some individuals.

The GTP project started as my Master research thesis at Stockholm University in Sweden in April 2010 supervised by professor Karin Aronsson, followed up with my PhD on GTP at Nottingham Trent University in UK supervised by professor Mark D. Griffiths, “Exploring Game Transfer Phenomena: A multimodal research approach for investigating video games’ effects”.

Currently, I’m researching about GTP as my Postdoc funded by a Marie Curie fellowship at the University of Liège in Belgium with my mentor professor Frank Larøi.

2 thoughts on “About the GTP project

  1. I recently experienced this playing Portal 2, exactly as listed in the articles. It was to the point that it interrupted my sleeping patterns. It felt as if my body went to sleep but my mind was still working. It seems to happen in games with frequent sidekick interaction, or a narrator (i.e. GlaDos’ steady stream of speech, the backpack/water gun in Super Mario Sunshine, Navi’s oft mocked “HEY!”).

    I remember specifically on another occasion, after Super Mario Sunshine came out that I could not sleep for a full night for nearly a week after playing it. That was the worst. I’ve never had anything bleed into my waking life though, but could see that possibly happening to a person that plays video games more frequently.

    I’m glad you’re studying and writing about this, as I have noted it in my daily life and have been confused as to what was happening on those sleepless nights.

  2. Thank you sharing your experience!

    I have heard other people also experience some GTP with Portal and Portal 2, but I havent had chance to try those games myself yet. Hopefully soon 🙂

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