Let me start by going back more than ten years in time, when I was an undergraduate psychology student. At that time, internet was not  easily accessible as nowadays. Internet got introduced at my university’s computer lab and many including myself stuck to the screens like leeches. Around that time I was desperately looking for an original research topic for my thesis.

This cartoon portrays an anecdote that happened in the computer lab which got my mind spinning, thinking about the psychological implication of the use of internet. Eventually, I decided to research about excessive internet use. It was quite tough since internet was a new phenomenon and for months I struggled to convince my teachers about my selected topic. Not to mention the struggle to find a supervisor…

While I was writing up my thesis, I unexpectedly got invitations to participate in debate programmes on TV and to write in the newspaper.  This was such a positive experience that it awakened my passion for understanding the effects of the interaction with technology.

In the next post I will tell you more anecdotes about the time when GTP was born.

GTP Journey Part2