Let me start by going back more than ten years in time when I was an undergraduate psychology student. Follow me on my adventure portrayed in cartoons.

At that time, the internet was not easily accessible as nowadays. Internet got introduced at my university’s computer lab and many including myself stuck to the screens like leeches. Around that time I was desperately looking for an original research topic for my thesis.

These cartoons portray the start of the GTP journey.

The first cartoon portrays an anecdote that happened in the computer lab which got my mind spinning, thinking about the psychological implication of the use of the internet. Eventually, I decided to research about excessive internet use. It was quite tough since the internet was a new phenomenon and for months I struggled to convince my teachers about my selected topic. Not to mention the struggle to find a supervisor…

While I was writing up my thesis, I unexpectedly got invitations to participate in debate programmes on TV and to write in the newspaper.  This was such a positive experience that it awakened my passion for understanding the effects of the interaction with technology.

 PART 1 -2000
GTP Journey Part2

PART 2 -2010 April

In April 2010, I was doing my master studies at Stockholm University and once again, I was looking for an original topic for a thesis.

GTP journey - part1

PART 3 -2010 February

This cartoon is an experience I had a few years back when I had been using Google to find articles. This experience really made me reflect about how my repetitive and compulsive use of Google bled into my reality. I wanted to know if someone else had experienced something similar in the context of video games, so I posted a question about it in a Facebook group.




GTP Journey- PART31

PART 4- 2010 April

This cartoon is another experience that encouraged me to research about what today is known as GTP.

There was a time when I played Resident Evil 4 quite intensively; it is a great game by the way!  One day, I wanted to look at something which was far away but it was not so clear. Then for a second, I wished I had the rifle from Resident Evil 4, so I could zoom in and see clearer.

After this experience, I got even more motivated to find out how common these experiences were among players, so I put the first ever post in this blog, looking for participants for the first study. This result in my master thesis about GTP.
GTP Journey- Part 4


 First study Research process

1. Recruiting phase


2. Carrying out the interviews

3. First Game Transfer Phenomena study main categories

Findings first Game Transfer Phenomena study_Master thesis Angelica

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